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Mumbai, India



Design Team

Design Peacock



CMA CGM is a shipping company having its presence  at India Bulls Finance Centre in Mumbai, Texas. Understanding the essence of CMA CGM, we designed an office that reflects their soul. A place where people come together, ideas bloom, and collaboration thrives.

A recurring theme throughout the design is the use of white, which not only symbolizes purity and clarity but also creates an illusion of spaciousness and cleanliness. White acts as a canvas upon which the company's vibrant identity comes to life.

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Step into the world of CMA CGM, a shipping company that cherishes its employees and values creativity. In our design journey, we crafted a workspace that's not just functional but also brings people together.​ By carefully crafting each detail, we have achieved a sense of depth in the space, allowing it to evolve and adapt as the company grows.

Our goal was to create a space where everyone feels connected and inspired. The secret ingredient? The timeless beauty of white, making the office feel spacious and fresh.

At every step, we considered how to make the most of each area, making sure it can serve multiple purposes without compromising on charm. Multifunctional areas seamlessly transform to accommodate various needs, optimising every square inch of the office.

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