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M K House




Surat, Gujarat



Design Team

Design Peacock

3D Illustrations




Exquisite residential project, a true embodiment of elegance and comfort. Step into this luxurious 3500 sqft space, where every detail is crafted with love and care.The design palette revolves around the timeless allure of white, exuding a sense of purity and tranquility. Combined with the warm and inviting oak color in woodwork, the space radiates a sense of sophistication and charm.

Lighting takes center stage in this abode, artfully curated to create a soothing ambience that embraces you in a warm embrace. From soft, gentle glows to strategically placed fixtures, every element contributes to the perfect play of light and shadow. A place to call home, our design is focused on creating coziness and comfort. Ample spaces are adorned with plush furnishings, beckoning you to relax and unwind in style.

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Stunning geometric patterns adorning the ceiling and walls. Each carefully crafted shape adds a touch of artistic brilliance to the living spaces, elevating the overall beauty of the home.

Welcome to a residence where aesthetics meet functionality, where style and substance coexist in perfect harmony. Step into this masterpiece, and experience the true essence of living in a place of beauty and grace.

Modern elegance meets timeless charm, where the allure of white seamlessly blends with the rich tones of oak. It's a place where comfort, luxury, and beauty converge, creating an enchanting sanctuary for our discerning residents.

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