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Andheri, Mumbai



Implementation Team

Design Peacock

3D Illustrations

ASPD Architects


Sanket Ghosh

When sophistication meets grounded efficiency in perfect harmony. Our latest interior project for a distinguished manufacturing company is a testament to the perfect balance between formality and functionality.

At the heart of this design lies a vision to create a space that exudes a complete formal look while embracing the core values of the company. The challenge was to maintain the appeal to various stakeholders while encouraging organised and systematic work across all departments.

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As you walk through the corridors, you'll notice a seamless blend of contemporary aesthetics with elements that pay homage to the manufacturing roots. Clean lines, elegant furnishings, and refined finishes define the formal aura, while subtle nods to the industry's essence provide a grounded and authentic feel.​

The defined spaces for various functions of the manufacturing work are thoughtfully integrated, promoting seamless workflows and enhanced productivity. From dedicated assembly areas to quality control zones, each space is meticulously designed to optimize efficiency without compromising on the overall aesthetic appeal.From custom-made furniture that complements the overall theme to strategic lighting that illuminates each workspace, every element plays a role in creating an inspiring environment.

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