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Finding Inspiration at every interaction

A very few words can envelope the essence of being a designer, artist at heart, nature lover and keen thinker.


Ankita Derasaria, an interior designer graduated from L. S. Raheja school of Architecture started practising from 2008. Early exposure into the world of detailed working of furniture, textures and materials brought a lot of practical knowledge and understanding. The essential role of a designer is to bring together aesthetics, functionality and innovation to make the interior of a project appealing and the habitat a comfort space to live in. Her creative bend of mind will definitely put in best things together to create a place that connects with you. 


Ankita by her work in various design projects and requirements have got the  richness of journey behind creating interiors that bring to life the above mentioned qualities to a project. She shares her creative ideas and the craftsman behind the wheels of workmanship or so called in hindi “karigari” bring it to life. A line on paper becomes a visible effort only when design is translated into actual form. Her practical approach is valuable to design.


Her approach has fetched her projects with corporate, SME’s, hospitality sector and work for private residences. Her clientele include CMA CGM, Nykaa, Viacom18, 91 Square feet, United engineering and SME like Glocrest, E-serve Ops and private residences for professionals working with  Capgemini, Hiranandani, Pidilite etc.


Her inspirations comes from the rich indian architecture not about complex structures but basic line work originating from cave drawings, an expression of the life and journey of human history. The simple art work finding its way onto walls of the home, pottery and and simple daily use articles. The timeless beauty of natural material like metal, mud and wood  combined with the line work & motifs inspired by nature has made wonder structures for mankind. Her roots from Rajasthan naturally put her thinking in blending the basic idea with modern finishes to bring a beautiful blend. 


She keep a keen interest on human psychology and colours and its effects. Any place is a reflection of its residents and this belief is true in a sense that a place creates an impression on the minds of its residents. The display of  variety elements together speak a language to your mind and form everyday habits. Her way of knowing the qualitative aspect for any project is to ensure that the place designed is as close to the vision of the client.

Make your own special. The true essence of a place is its design and what does it say in its totality. Interior design of a place is an art and science by nature and demands attention to detail for bringing good work. In fact in her words, “Design is at heart of every conversation verbal or in verbal, we keep doing it throughout our time here”; design is about totality. 


Derasaria’s study in the field of design and media brings the best comprehension for designing commercial spaces. Her awareness of how a commodity brand or a personal brand needs to be displayed in an interior project to express its value is a plus point. Her career in media lasted for 4 years making it an enriching experience and working with brands from the perspective of marketing becomes a contributing factor. 

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